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Created an interactive onboarding experience enriched with engaging illustrations and animations

Mobile app Design
Website Design
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The project aimed to create a simple and personalized microsite serving as a digital face for Bajaj Allianz insurance agents, empowering them to source business and strengthen their brand association. The microsite functioned as a virtual office, allowing agents to easily communicate with potential customers and showcase valuable information such as memberships and achievements, enhancing their credibility. Focused on tab and laptop devices, the microsite featured a feedback mechanism for customers, provided access to various service requests, and showcased Bajaj Allianz insurance products to aid in sales conversion. The user experience revolved around keeping it simple and personal. Key metrics, product information, service types, feedback visibility, information sources, and information authenticity were determined during development.

We also worked on another project to create a seamless online user journey that allows users to add multiple products to their cart and make purchases in a single transaction.

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