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Music & Entertainment


Crafted a visually stunning and user-friendly interface for India's premier destination for music and entertainment



Created a web application that caters to a wide range of users, each with their unique needs and preferences to allow for an effortless and unified experience in managing construction projects.


Elevated the experience of their internal developer B2B desktop platform, empowering developers to seamlessly and independently interact with their organization's cloud applications.

Cloud Management

Transformed their online presence by crafting unique design elements that reflect their values and expertise

Services we offer

We transform your ideas into intuitive and visually stunning digital products with our expertise in UI and UX design. We craft seamless and engaging experiences that resonate with your audience across web, mobile, and other digital platforms

We enhance your online presence with custom website designs and development, seamlessly integrating aesthetics and functionality to create captivating user experiences. Our approach aligns with your vision, targeting your audience effectively to drive higher conversions and increased engagement.

By analyzing and understanding your brand archetype, personality, and keywords, we develop new themes and ultimately converge on a singular, cohesive concept. This approach ensures a consistent experience across all touchpoints.

We provide captivating visuals and dynamic motion with our expert graphic and motion design services, tailored to elevate your brand’s identity and storytelling

We ensure that the designs are translated accurately and effectively into working code so that the final product meets the user’s needs and expectations.

Through in-depth assessments, we identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, providing actionable insights and design heuristics to enhance your brand’s overall design effectiveness

we delve into the fundamentals of design principles, exploring how strategic design decisions can drive business success, crafted for both corporate environments and educational institutions.

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My Internship at Feelpixel

One fine day I started researching UX design while being in 3rd year of college and caught interest immediately. Going through case studies on behance

Why Do You Need Interactive Website Design?

Interactive website design involves creating websites that actively engage users through dynamic and participatory elements, enhancing the user experience beyond passive content consumption. The goal