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Designed an ESG Investor Portal from scratch that enhances portfolio management and investment analysis.

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Designed an ESG Investor Portal from scratch that enhances portfolio management and investment analysis. We established core design principles of scalability, intuitiveness, and accessibility early on, which guided the development process. This allowed us to explore interactive visualizations capable of effectively representing large volumes of data. Additionally, we established a design system inspired by the brand identity and implemented a new navigational system to enhance the user experience within the platform.

Design Process


In the discovery phase, we gained a deep understanding of the user requirements, business goals, competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, industry trends, and the current state of the product.


In the define phase, we analysed the information we’ve obtained to draw insights and defined the goals, objectives, and our strategy moving forward into the process.


In this phase, we generated and explored a wide range of concepts through wireframes and lo-fi prototypes. We then developed a design language and applied the same throughout the designs.


During the discovery phase of our design process, we engaged in product discovery interviews with key stakeholders. These interviews allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the project requirements and identify the specific user personas that our product would serve.


In the define phase of our design process, we created a journey map to visualize and understand the user's experience when using our product. This involved plotting the various touchpoints and interactions that a user would encounter throughout their interaction with the product.

Additionally, during this phase, we also identified key design principles that would guide our decision-making and ensure a cohesive and user-centric design. These principles encompassed the core values and objectives we aimed to achieve with the product, such as scalability, intuitiveness, and accessibility.


We followed an agile and iterative design process, employing fast-paced sprints to develop competitive concepts for different modules within the build phases. We covered two major user flows in the form of a company story and a portfolio story.

Throughout the process, continuous modifications were made based on feedback received from stakeholders and the results of user testing. This iterative approach allowed for rapid refinement and improvement of the design, ensuring that it met the needs and expectations of the project's stakeholders and users.

We developed a design language that drew inspiration from their brand. This design language was unique, scalable, and accessible, which formed the basis of the component library.

Design Language



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