Parts Pitara

Developed a web platform to tackle the issue of non-moving and slow-moving inventories, enabling efficient trade, attracting new customers, and fostering business growth through an easy-to-use auction system.

Website Design
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All OEM authorized service workshops generate non moving and slow moving inventories. These stagnant inventories, amounting to ~3500 crores annually, create blockages in working capital, hinder inventory rotation, and disrupt cash flows. To address these challenges, we helped develop a web platform that provides users with a convenient space to trade fast-moving, non-moving, dead, or excess inventories. Through this platform, businesses can attract new customers, enhance their visibility, generate revenue, and foster overall business growth. The platform featured an easy-to-use auction system, streamlining the buying and selling processes for maximum efficiency.

Design Process


In the discovery phase, we gained a deep understanding of the user requirements, business goals, competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, industry trends, and the current state of the product.


In the define phase, we analysed the information we’ve obtained to draw insights and defined the goals, objectives, and our strategy moving forward into the process.


In this phase, we generated and explored a wide range of concepts through wireframes and lo-fi prototypes. We then developed a design language and applied the same throughout the designs.


We started to observe some common themes and identified several users needs, pain-points, user behaviour, and product goals.


Easy Onboarding Process

Just fill up your business information and address information as a part of onboarding.


You can also easily upload parts catalog in form of Excel file to them to your personal catalog.

Create & track your biddings effortlessly

Create biddings easily by adding products and filling required information.


Easily track them by checking out the bidders bidding on your products

Selling New Product is just 2 steps away

You can easily sell new products by just adding products and selecting pickup address

Track your orders for biddings and new products

Keep a track all the orders received from your customers with all the necessary information in a single place

Save your products to personal catalog

Add & manage your inventory products into catalog to easily add them while selling.


You can also upload Excel file to add products to your catalog easily.

Easily generate your reports to get insights

You can easily sell new products by just adding products and selecting pickup address

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