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The Challenge

Threado is a community command center that provides a single dashboard for measuring engagement, gaining insights, and automating workflows. Its features include automated communication based on member activity, identifying active contributors and prompting inactive members, facilitating connections, resolving queries, and delivering content and updates.

The project goals were to enhance the UI, introduce new features, improve existing feature flows, and fine-tune the user experience.

Design Process


In the discovery phase, we gained a deep understanding of the user requirements, business goals, competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, industry trends, and the current state of the product.


In the define phase, we analysed the information we’ve obtained to draw insights and defined the goals, objectives, and our strategy moving forward into the process.


In this phase, we generated and explored a wide range of concepts through wireframes and lo-fi prototypes. We then developed a design language and applied the same throughout the designs.


When we started working on the project, the product was in a very nascent stage and thus, had a few pain points that needed to be reworked. This involved minor changes such as scroll discoverability and differentiation between tags. However, one of the major pain points was the activity dashboard. It only had two cards with some generic data that wasn’t relevant to the users. The users wanted to customise the dashboard to display relevant data so that they manipulate it, export it, and also target specific members. Due to the cards being placed awkwardly in the middle, there was also a stark underutilization of the empty space beside them.​


We kicked off with conducting competitor research services like Mixpanel and soon moved on to wireframing the activity dashboard. We went through multiple iterations for the layout of the dashboard page.​

We also experimented with the positioning of the member profile section and came up with high-level prototypes for the same.​

We also defined the visual language for the project during this stage. ​


We started with some minor UI changes such as improving the filter view hierarchy, fixing horizontal scroll discoverability, introducing a save function to save filters and differentiating the tags. We also created banner designs for various states.​

Design Language



SF Pro Display


Final Screens

Personalized Dashboards

For the dashboard page, we reworked the layout as well as introduced a new custom reports feature that allowed the users to create reports based on their needs and save them. 

They can also edit the reports, save them to an existing dashboard or export them. These reports can be exported as PDFs or sent as emails. We also introduced the functionality to schedule the reports to be sent at regular intervals. 

Member Snapshots

For the member profile section, we designed a side panel with a snapshot of member details such as profile picture, email, signed-up communities, tags and also location and industry which is obtained through an integration (Clearbit). The member page also has a scorecard with a summary of the members’ engagement activities on all of the platforms. 

Send targeted campaigns

One can also send a slack DM/email directly through Threado.  This feature allows the user to send targeted campaigns by filtering the users with their channels, activities, and time period.

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