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The Challenge

QuickShift is committed to providing unmatched supply chain management solutions catering to their multifaceted clientele, each with their diverse needs. We were challenged to craft a unified experience for B2B, B2C, D2C and omni-channel partners. Our design harmoniously navigates the complex process of global logistics, telecommunication and multi-channel fulfilment into an illustrative journey that is easy to comprehend. From small tweaks to an entire makeover, we embraced this transformation while successfully tackling the challenges that accompanied it.

Building the city

QuickShift aims to provide best-in-class supply chain and full stack fulfilment solutions. We wanted to portray their unmatched capabilities in a way that is comprehensible by general users.

In an attempt to describe the tech-heavy fulfilment process, from order to delivery, we illustrated a digital landscape that helps the users understand the supply chain model of QuickShift step-by-step.

The Impact of UI Craftsmanship

Take a deeper look into our meticulous UI precision redefining fulfilment experience and pushing past good to great.

We fostered impact by introducing meaningful hues- demonstrating the strength of high-tech softwares for inventory and order management, creating a scalable and sustainable future for fulfilment. Our addition in the form of new typeface- Outfit, depicts the true meaning of QuickShift’s brand identity.

We believe that each and every element, plays an important role in establishing a transformational brand identity. Consequentially, we fostered impact through our bespoke iconography, illustrations and micro interactions that showcase the nature of

Empowered by Creative Freedom

Our journey was enriched by the QuickShift’s trust, granting us unparalleled creative freedom. This liberty allowed us to push boundaries, explore our capabilities, and ultimately craft a digital city that exceeds expectations.

Together, we've built a functionally aesthetic design, setting a new standard for collaborative supply chain UX excellence.

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