RiskProfiler is an unified Platform for managing your Third-Party Risk, Attack Surface Management, and Automated Vendor Questionnaire Assessments.

RiskProfiler Dashboard

About RiskProfiler

RiskProfiler Dashboard elevate security with advanced cybersecurity solution offering real-time ratings and automated risk analysis. Evolving threats by continuously monitoring and assessing your digital infrastructure. RiskProfiler Dashboard provides actionable insights to address vulnerabilities promptly. Leverage threat intelligence for proactive defense and adapt to emerging risks. Receive detailed reports to prioritize and remediate issues effectively. Scale security seamlessly and fortify organizations against the dynamic cyber landscape.

Product Objectives

User Persona

Solutions We Proposed

Final Screens

Security Issues & Security Rating – Shows how issues & rating

 increased over the period of time.

Current Security Score and Total findings – Security score ranging from

300 to 850 and category wise findings

Showcasing host locations over the world.

Showing multiple unpatched vulnerabilities over the period of time

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