Created a mobile app with user-friendly features that simplifies the shopping experience and is convenient to use for the elderly
Mobile app

Project Overview

The objective of the project was to design an e-commerce mobile app that catered to seniors and provided an accessible platform for them to explore various activities. The existing website was not optimized for mobile use and lacked user-friendliness due to its heavy reliance on plug-ins.

By adopting a mobile-first approach specifically tailored to the elderly demographic, we created a solution that was user-friendly, accessible, and innovative. This project aimed to be the first of its kind to cater to this market segment in India.

Design Process


In the discovery phase, we gained a deep understanding of the user requirements, business goals, competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, industry trends, and the current state of the product.


In the define phase, we analysed the information we’ve obtained to draw insights and defined the goals, objectives, and our strategy moving forward into the process.


In this phase, we generated and explored a wide range of concepts through wireframes and lo-fi prototypes. We then developed a design language and applied the same throughout the designs.


We carried out in-depth user interviews with 8 participants to gain insight into their lifestyles, thought processes, and requirements.

This allowed us to better understand the users' perspective and inform our design decisions accordingly.


With the help of research we understood the user segment and reworked the navigation and the structure of the product.

Based on the newly defined information architecture we explored a new new experience for the app through wireframes.

Information Architecture


Final Screens


More than 10k+ downloads

Acquired by HCAH

Mentioned by The Economics Times

Google Play Users’ Choice Award 2021.

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